Terms of use for manufacturers

These terms of use include the terms and conditions under which Ilona IT Oy offers as a web-based service its GDPR library.


1. By using the GDPR application library and by entering and managing information about software products, the software provider accepts and undertakes to comply with these terms of use.

2. The platform is developed by Ilona IT Oy ("Ilona"), a Finnish ICT reseller and software developer, who (alone or together with its licensors) owns the intellectual property rights to the platform, grants software buyers access to the platform and offers software suppliers the opportunity to maintain information about their products in the platform.

3. It is expected that the software suppliers themselves enter and maintain the information regarding their own products. Any user of the platform can also suggest edits to information considered incorrect or incomprehensive.

4. By default, Ilona does not enter data into the platform or verify data entered by suppliers. Nevertheless, Ilona reserves the right to enter data obtained from public sources or from the suppliers, as well as edit and delete data it considers incorrect, incomplete or inappropriate.

5. Do not enter confidential information into the platform, enter only such customary product and supplier information that can be made publicly available. Also, do not enter illegal information into the platform.

6. The platform should provide quality information to software buyers, so please enter information that is accurate and up-to-date. Update information if necessary or if requested by Ilona.

7. Ilona reserves the right to make changes to these terms and the platform itself. If it deems it necessary, Ilona may temporarily or permanently suspend the provision of the platform.

8. Ilona makes no representations or warranties regarding the platform, its operation, the data contained therein, the results that may arise from the use of the platform or that the platform is fit for any specific purpose. The platform is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Ilona is not liable for any direct, indirect, third party, special, consequential or punitive damages or administrative fines (including loss of revenue or profit, business losses, business interruptions and loss of data) caused by breach of agreement, violation of these terms, or by use of or inability to use the platform. The use of the platform and these terms are governed by the substantive laws of Finland.